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**NEW RELEASE** - Lessons From the Edge of Life
On July 8, 2015, and with an exclusive release deal with Amazon, Kyle's newest book, Lessons From the Edge of Life, became available for Kindle e-readers and apps. It is a life instruction manual built from the wisdom and philosophies that Kyle learned, and then used, to survive the worst that life could throw his way.

In Lessons From the Edge of Life, Kyle shares his hard-earned keys to survival that were so instrumental during his multiple victories over cancer, and then shows the rest of us how to use those same principles of perspective to direct our own lives with clarity of purpose, guided aspiration, and ultimate fulfillment.

Reading this book is an investment in yourself and a step toward becoming a more complete you.


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Living the dream job

A journalist and writer by trade, and a lover of sports from the time he could walk, Kyle was a natural fit as the chief scriptwriter for Fox Sports, where he worked for nine years. And complementing his time covering sports news for national television, Kyle added the names and ESPN The Magazine to his freelance credits, before moving into the world of books with his first title, The Worst Call Ever: The Most Infamous Calls Ever Blown by Referees, Umpires, and Other Blind Officials.

Kyle was actually in the middle of edits for The Worst Call Ever when he got the best call ever - word from UCLA Medical Center that his 5 1/2 year wait for a new heart was over and he needed to get to the hospital as quickly as possible.

Kyle's new lease on life and discovery of triathlon coincided with the writing of his second book, What Were They Thinking? The Brainless Blunders That Changed Sports History. It was another opportunity to work with HarperCollins Publishers (the house behind his first book), and yet another opportunity to combine his love of sports with his interest in history.

Heart of Iron
Kyle has always loved telling stories, be it with his writing, or through his motivational speaking - something that he'd been doing professionally since 2002. And when the opportunity to write his memoir presented itself, Kyle jumped at the chance. He knew that it would be powerful journey of exploration to take as a writer, and one of the most important works that he would ever write.

Here he is talking about the book, Heart of Iron, on television in Los Angeles.

When Kyle first took part in the Ironman World Championship in 2009 he did a number of print, television, and radio interviews, including an appearance on the nationally syndicated Growing Bolder Radio Show. When Heart of Iron was released a couple of years later the hosts invited him back.



Kyle Garlett, Adversity Consulting
Los Angeles
Cancer Survivor, Heart Transplant Recipient, Motivational Speaker