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Choosing Happiness

This past weekend my wife and I were in Amsterdam. And as with almost everyone else who visits the city, seeing Anne Frank's house was high on our list of must-dos. The visit did not disappoint.

It's an amazing thing, to think about the life Jews were forced to live during the days of the Nazis. And the visit to the small apartment that Anne and seven others were forced to hide out in for more than two years shakes loose a number of thoughts about humanity, resiliency, and happiness.

It's shocking to consider that in the fear of the time, ordinary Dutch citizens posed almost as big a threat to the group hiding in the Annex as did their Nazi occupiers. And because of that, even when there was no threat from the authorities, the blackout curtains remained a 24-hour necessity. The windows are still blackened today, giving you a real sense of the isolation that they must have felt.

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