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Memories For Christmas

In all of my years, at all of my Christmases, there is one Christmas present that stands out above the rest. The original Millennium Falcon action toy. This was the big boy - more than two feet across. Although for the 7-year old me, it felt like five or six.

The cockpit opened up, providing you a place to stick Han and Chewy. The top pulled off revealing seats for Luke, Leia, C-3PO, and R2-D2. And of course it had the dejarik hologame table. (Only the hardcore geeks will know what that is). It was huge, it was awesome, it was played with for hours and hours, and I still remember walking out to the living room that Christmas morning and seeing it sitting under the tree.

The Millennium Falcon - One Badass Toy

For me, Christmas time is as much about making new memories, as it for reflecting on old ones. Yes, when I was a child many of those memories revolved around toys. Dinner in the afternoon was almost an annoyance, because it meant that I was forced to leave my shiny new plaything alone in a corner for a couple of hours. But toys aside, and the joy and anticipation of tearing into a new package not withstanding, memories, from even when I was just a boy, involve so much more.

Christmas has always been a time for family. Few, if any, were spent with just the four of us (my parents, me, and my brother.) We almost always found ourselves...

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