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One of the most unique stories that you will ever hear
Diagnosed with cancer at age 18, Kyle Garlett would go on to wage four separate battles with the disease - three times with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and then a fourth battle with a chemotherapy-induced secondary leukemia. All told he was in active treatment to fight cancer, undergoing a combination of radiation, chemotherapy, and a bone marrow transplant, for a total of 54 months.

But perhaps his most challenging hurdle was still to come, when it was discovered that damage sustained from repeated treatments to fight his cancer would require a heart transplant. And after another 64 months on the heart transplant waiting list, at the age of 35, Kyle finally got his gift - a life restored through heart transplantation.

Since that October day in 2006, Kyle hasn’t looked back. Making the most of his second chance at life with a new engine in his chest, Kyle has won multiple medals at the U.S. Transplant Games and crossed the finish line of dozens of triathlons and marathons. And in 2009, on the third anniversary of his transplant, he became the first heart recipient to ever compete at the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.

Kyle has survived many of the worst pains and uncertainties of life, he’s witnessed and benefitted from the absolute best of humanity, and he’s now dedicated himself to sharing the lessons and perspectives gained during his more than 25 years of living with and conquering adversity.

Kyle Garlett as a Keynote
While Kyle's story is particularly relevant to anyone in the healthcare industry - the video to the right is from his keynote address at Novartis Pharmaceuticals Global Communications Conference in Basel, Switzerland - he's also been a frequent headliner in the non-healthcare business world. Kyle has done multiple events for Boeing Aerospace and his frequent work within the financial and corporate communication industries have netted him clients like Morgan Stanley and Williams Lea.

As a cancer survivor and heart transplant recipient, Kyle knows how to face unexpected obstacles. He knows how to win in the face of adversity. He knows how to take the difficult challenges that life is sure to bring, and turn those tests into moments of opportunity. And that is why Kyle's message has resonated at conventions, conferences, corporate retreats, athletic events, high schools and universities, and anywhere there is someone in need of motivation and inspiration.


Kyle has bases in Los Angeles and London and works with your event coordinator to tailor his presentation specifically to meet and exceed your group's needs.


Kyle Garlett, Adversity Consulting
Los Angeles
Cancer Survivor, Heart Transplant Recipient, Motivational Speaker